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Slip and Fall

Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Retail Stores: Understanding Your Rights as a Customer

Retail stores are bustling hubs of activity, filled with shoppers looking for the latest deals or products. While shopping can be an enjoyable experience, it […]

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Image of a man shoveling snow outside a business

Liability and Winter Slip-and-Fall Hazards: Tips for Property Owners

In Central New York and the Southern Tier, winter storms often turn walkways into treacherous paths for those visiting local businesses and stores. Many people […]

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Can I Sue If I Slipped on an Icy Sidewalk?

If people slip and injure themselves on ice, they may be able to get compensation for their damages from the person who owns the property […]

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Can I Sue If I Slipped on an Icy Sidewalk?

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall on the Sidewalk

Nobody anticipates a devastating fall when they leave their home, yet slip and fall accidents can occur unexpectedly to anyone, in any place, at any […]

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What to Do If You’ve Broken Your Hip in a Slip and Fall

Originally published March 15, 2021. Updated September 26, 2023. Slip, trip, and fall accidents are a common cause of injury in the United States, and […]

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what to do if broken hip after a fall
Injured in public

How to Handle Slip and Fall Accidents That Happen at Public Events

Public events, from festivals in Syracuse to concerts in Rochester and fairs in the Adirondacks, bring joy, entertainment, and a sense of community to the […]

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Making Your Yard and Porch Safe from Trip Hazards

When many people have guests at their homes, their biggest concerns are whether those guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, homeowners often fail to […]

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Image of garden hose in backyard.
image of broken arm

Guide to Filing a Premises Liability Claim After a Parking Lot Fall

A parking lot can become dangerous with icy and snowy weather and the development of defects like cracks and potholes. Neglectful parking lot maintenance can […]

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When Are Schools Liable For Student Injuries?

Originally published August 30, 2021. Updated April 17, 2023. Schools have a legal responsibility to provide “reasonable care” for their students, which means they must […]

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Image of a child with a bandaged kneee
Image of person falling on ice.

Who’s Liable When You Slip & Fall in a Parking Lot

A concrete parking lot can quickly become dangerous due to defects and inclement weather, such as snow and ice. The lack of regular maintenance and […]

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