5 Personal Injury Hazards to Watch Out for in the Summertime

5 Personal Injury Hazards to Watch Out for in the Summertime

Summer beckons with its warm weather, long days, and opportunities for outdoor fun. From beach outings and backyard barbecues to road trips and boating adventures, there’s no shortage of activities to fill the sunny days.

However, the season also brings an uptick in certain types of personal injuries, from slip-and-falls at swimming pools or outdoor activities near water to burn injuries from barbecues and fireworks.

Discover five common personal injury hazards to watch out for this summer and tips on how to avoid them. If you or a loved one is injured, speak with our Syracuse slip-and-fall accident lawyers at Catalano Law to understand your rights and seek compensation. 

1. Slips-and-Falls Near Water

Pools, beaches, and lakes are popular retreats during hot weather, but wet surfaces around these areas increase the risk of slips and falls. Slippery pool decks and docks can lead to serious injuries, including fractures and head trauma.

Always walk cautiously in wet areas and obey posted safety signage to prevent accidents. Ensure that non-slip mats are in place where needed, and keep walkways clear of obstacles. Immediately document the accident scene and seek medical attention if an injury occurs.

2. Boating Accidents

Boating is a popular summer activity, but it comes with its risks. Collisions, capsizing, and falls overboard are common incidents that can cause injuries or even fatalities—New York averages about 22 deaths per year[1]  for boating vessels. 

Ensure safety by always wearing life jackets, avoiding alcohol while operating boats, and adhering to all boating regulations. Proper maintenance of your vessel and equipping it with safety gear is essential. If you’re involved in a boating accident, report it to the authorities immediately and document all aspects of the incident for future claims.

3. Summer Travel

The increase in road trips during the summer months leads to congested roads and a higher likelihood of traffic accidents. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable, with nearly 300 pedestrian[1]  deaths and 15,000 injuries per year in the state.

To stay safe, ensure your vehicle is in good working order before hitting the road. Always wear seat belts in cars and helmets and protective gear for motorcycles and bicycles. Avoid distractions while driving and be especially vigilant for cyclists and pedestrians in tourist-heavy areas.

Document the scene and exchange information with other parties if you’re involved in a traffic accident. You must also report crashes involving injury, fatality, or $1,000 or more in property damage to the police within 10 days.

4. Outdoor Celebrations

Summer celebrations, including the Fourth of July and Labor Day, often involve grilling and fireworks, which pose burn injury risks. Misusing grills, for instance, not following proper ignition procedures, placing them too close to flammable materials, or leaving them unattended while it’s hot, can result in burns or start fires.

Mishandling fireworks, such as igniting them too close to people or in unsuitable conditions, can lead to injuries, including severe burns.

Always supervise these activities and protect children and pets from hot surfaces or flames. Use fireworks outdoors in clear areas away from buildings, and never attempt to relight dud fireworks. Check that the grill is stable and located out of foot traffic. Should an injury occur, cool burns with water and seek immediate medical care.

5. Heat-Related Injuries

During the intense summer heat, outdoor workers, everyday gardeners, and children are at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Symptoms include dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and nausea, which require prompt attention to prevent more severe health issues. These conditions can escalate quickly, especially in high humidity, where the body struggles to cool down effectively.

Stay hydrated, take frequent breaks in the shade, and wear light, breathable clothing. If you or someone else shows signs of a heat-related illness, immediately move to a cooler place, apply cool, wet cloths to the skin, and seek medical assistance.

Stay Safe and Protected This Summer

While summer offers much to enjoy, it’s also a peak time for certain personal injuries. At Catalano Law, we encourage everyone to stay informed and prepared. Taking preventative measures and being cautious during summer activities can help ensure a safe and enjoyable season.

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