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What Immediate Steps Should I Take After a Workplace Injury?

Workers injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation to help with medical bills, missed wages from inability to work, and disability benefits.

Taking the proper steps after a workplace injury can ensure maximum compensation. Here are some immediate steps to take after getting hurt at work and how a workers’ compensation attorney from Catalano Law can help.

Get Medical Care Immediately

Immediately after an accident, seek immediate medical care. Depending on your workplace and where the incident occurred, you should seek out the first aid person or safety officer who can provide care on-scene. If you can, head to your nearest Urgent Care center or ER.  Otherwise, call 911 for emergency personnel to evaluate your injuries and provide emergency care.

Seeking immediate care ensures proper care for your injuries and minimizes future issues resulting from your injury. It also helps with a workers’ compensation claim, because medical documentation will show the seriousness of your injury for the claims process.

When speaking with medical personnel, describe all your injuries in detail, as documentation is key to getting the care you need and a successful compensation claim.

Secure the Scene of the Accident

If you are able, immediately secure the scene of the incident. If you are on your way to receiving medical treatment, ask a coworker you trust to secure the scene. Block access to the location for the safety of other employees and prevent a repeat of the incident.

Securing the scene can also play an essential role in reporting the accident. Limiting access to the area can help preserve the evidence, such as spilled liquid, and allow for more thorough and accurate incident reporting. 

Take Photos or Video

Along with the documentation from healthcare professionals for the treatment you received, photos and videos help to provide evidence for your claim.

Photos should include your physical injuries, such as lacerations, bruises, or swelling, and photos of where the injury occurred. If possible, take pictures of anything involved, such as a ladder, workplace equipment, clothing, or spilled water, that may have caused the injury.

The best time to take photos of the scene is as soon after the accident as possible before other people have been allowed to access the area. Your photos provide evidence to help substantiate any claims you have made and may make the claims process more straightforward.

With photographic evidence, there is less room for interpretation by the insurance company or your employer.

Report to Your Employer Right Away

As soon as you are physically able, inform your employer of your injury, how it happened, and where it occurred. Do this verbally and in writing, preferably by email, so there is definitive proof of your notification.

Though it’s recommended to do so sooner, you must report a workplace injury to your employer within 30 days of the accident, or you risk losing your workers’ compensation benefits.

After this, your employer or supervisor should complete a report of the incident. If they don’t, request one. An employer report will be vital in submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

File a Claim with an Experienced Injury Lawyer

With all of the laws, paperwork, and communication needed for a successful workers’ compensation claim, it’s crucial to enlist the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

A workers’ compensation attorney from Catalano Law can assist you with your claim and ensure you complete all forms within the required timeframe. In addition to notifying your employer within 30 days, you must fill out Form C-3 (Employee Claim) with the New York Workers’ Compensation Board within two years of the accident.

If your workers’ compensation claim was denied, our attorneys can help you fight the denial and represent you in any related hearings with the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Schedule a Consultation with a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorney

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer a workplace injury. Hire a skilled workers’ compensation attorney from Catalano Law to review your case and help you get the maximum benefits you’re due.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation regarding a workplace injury case to learn your compensation options and start your claim.

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