Car Accident

Show Caution When Driving in Work Zones

Construction sites and work zones are necessary for the development of cities and towns. It can be annoying and disruptive to be awoken by jackhammers […]

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work zone safety tips
Are you always at fault if you rear-end another vehicle?

Are You Always at Fault if You Rear-End Someone?

It is a widely held belief that you are at fault if you rear-end someone in a motor vehicle accident. However, when it comes to […]

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No One Got a Ticket After My Car Accident—Now What?

When you get into a car crash, you have to call the police to come and file a report. And usually, someone is going to […]

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Is My Car Totaled If the Airbags Deploy?

You may have been told that any time your airbags go off during a crash, your car is considered automatically totaled. So what’s the story? […]

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Why Do I Suffer From Light Sensitivity After My Car Wreck?

After a car accident, it’s common for victims to not notice any injuries at the scene, but suffer from aches, pains, and other unpleasant side […]

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light sensitivity after wreck
is New York a no-fault state?

Is New York a No-Fault State for Car Wrecks?

Every state has different laws dictating how fault is determined in a car crash, who is eligible for compensation, how much compensation they can get, […]

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What to Do After a Car Accident: A Step-by-Step Guide

Most of us will experience a car crash at least once in our lifetime. In fact, according to the auto insurance industry, most drivers are […]

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compensation if you got a ticket

Can I Get Compensation After a Car Accident If I Got a Ticket?

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know someone is usually going to be written a ticket by the police officer who […]

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What To Do If You Only Start to Feel Hurt Days After Your Injury

Imagine this scenario: you’re stopped at a red light, but the driver behind you doesn’t slow down in time and rear-ends you. Your back bumper […]

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when you hurt days after an injury