Motorcycle Accident

How Are Motorcycle Accident Claims Different From Car Accident Claims?

A motorcycle crash caused by driver negligence can cause more severe injuries than a similar car crash. Motorcycle riders lack the physical protection that drivers […]

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What Should You Do if You Witness a Motorcycle Crash?

Witnessing a motorcycle accident is a traumatizing experience. As an eyewitness, it’s vital to stay calm, contact emergency services, and collect important information to help […]

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Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in New York

With this year’s National Motorcycle Ride Day approaching on October 9th, make sure you’re taking steps to stay safe on the road by learning the […]

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Motorcyclists Aren’t Protected by PIP Insurance

Motorcyclists in New York state are not afforded the same protections as other motorists under New York law. The generous benefits provided by New York’s […]

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Is Lane-Splitting Legal on a Motorcycle in New York?

Motorcyclists experience a thrill on the road that is unknown to drivers of cars and other large vehicles. There’s a sense of freedom and power […]

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Image of a motorcycle riding in traffic
Image of someone riding a motorcycle in a rain ponchoo

What to do if You’re Caught in Bad Weather on a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most freeing experiences on the road, but it comes with several risks. The inherent dangers of riding a […]

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A Guide to New York’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Every state in the nation has laws and statutes regarding motorcycle helmets. In many cases, these laws will influence the outcome of personal injury claims […]

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How to Make Yourself More Visible When You’re on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents are common occurrences. New York state saw more than 4,600 motorcycle accidents in 2017 alone. When the driver of a car does not […]

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