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What Are the Most Common Injuries After a Slip and Fall?

The injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents can range from bumps and bruises to serious brain injuries, and in the worst case, even death. According to figures from the CDC, 20% of all falls cause serious injuries such as broken bones or head injuries.

There are many serious injuries that can occur because of a slip and fall. If you suffer any of these damages due to someone else’s negligence, work with a New York attorney to win the compensation you deserve.

Head Injuries

The CDC states that over 800,000 people are hospitalized every year due to head injuries or hip fractures in the United States. Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs can result in the patient suffering from long-term complications and even death.

Symptoms associated with TBI include headaches, nausea, loss of balance, dizziness, speech problems, and loss of consciousness. Treatment may require surgery, medication, and lengthy periods of rehabilitation.

Hip Fractures

Over 300,000 older people are hospitalized every year due to hip fractures in the U.S. More than 90% of these injuries are caused by falls, often with the victim falling sideways and landing on their hip. Research shows that the 1-year mortality rate after suffering a broken hip is 14% to 58%.

Most hip fractures are suffered by people who are aged 65 or older. As the person gets older, the body’s bones tend to weaken, which is why older people are more likely to break a hip from just a minor fall.

Symptoms of a broken hip include pain or stiffness in the affected hip, a shorter leg on the affected side, and the inability to walk or put weight on the injured side. Treatment usually involves surgery, a period of hospitalization, medication, and sometimes extensive physical therapy.

Back and Spine Injuries 

Falls may cause serious back injuries leading to considerable pain and reduced mobility. Typical back and spine injuries sustained in falls include strains and sprains to the back muscles, spinal fractures, dislocation of vertebrae, and slipped or herniated discs. These injuries can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis or other mobility issues. They are likely to require extensive medical treatment and care. Surgery, hospitalization, and physical therapy may all be necessary for recovery.

Symptoms of a serious back injury may include weakness in the lower limbs or pain when moving your lower extremities.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries from falls are common. Typically, the shoulder is injured when the victim puts their arm out to break their fall. This is an instinctive reaction to falling but can have serious repercussions.

The most common injuries sustained are a broken clavicle, dislocated shoulders, and rotator cuff injury. Shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff injuries may leave the victim with significant soft tissue injuries resulting in limited shoulder joint movement.

Symptoms of shoulder injuries may include change or limitation of your range of shoulder movement, pain, numbness, weakness, tingling, and swelling. While minor injuries may respond to treatment at home, you should consult your doctor if any of the symptoms persist or get worse. Surgery or physical therapy may be required to properly treat the issue.

Sprains and Fractures

Some falls result in sprains and fractures of varying severity. Typically, a sprain occurs when a ligament is overstretched, torn, or twisted. This can happen to joints like ankles and knees during falls. The impact of a fall on bones can also lead to fractures, particularly to the wrists when the arm is used to break the fall.

Sprains may respond to treatments at home, but if you don’t see improvement, it’s important to seek professional care. Fractures of any degree are serious injuries, and you should seek medical care immediately. These injuries from falls can be life-changing and may even cause death. You may incur substantial medical costs and lost wages.

It’s likely you are entitled to substantial compensation for your non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and bodily impairment if the accident is a result of someone else’s negligence. To protect your legal rights, you should seek a case evaluation from a slip and fall lawyer to assess your potential claim.

Work With a New York Personal Injury Attorney

Our Syracuse slip and fall lawyers can work with you to pursue a claim for injury compensation. At Catalano Law, we have extensive experience handling slip and fall cases and will work on your behalf to attain financial rewards that cover your expenses.

We have helped many victims of falls secure reasonable settlements and are ready to help you. Contact one of our attorneys today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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