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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall on the Sidewalk

Nobody anticipates a devastating fall when they leave their home, yet slip and fall accidents can occur unexpectedly to anyone, in any place, at any moment. Slipping and falling on a sidewalk can lead to serious injuries and complex legal situations. The actions you take immediately following a slip and fall accident are crucial in determining the outcome of any potential claim you might have for compensation.

The nature of the sidewalk, whether it’s municipal or attached to a business, can shape your claim’s approach and its chances of success. If you are hurt on a sidewalk in New York, our Syracuse slip and fall lawyers at Catalano Law can help you understand your legal rights and how to receive a fair settlement.

Identify the Type of Sidewalk

If you slip and fall, the location of the sidewalk—whether it is publicly (city-owned) or privately owned—determines the legal actions you can take in New York.

If you slip and fall on a public sidewalk in New York — like those next to roads, in parks, or outside government buildings — schedule a free consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Government entities have certain protections from injury claims and typically have a short window within which to file a Notice of Claim. A qualified attorney at our law firm can walk you through the process and help you protect your rights.

Business owners are expected to keep their property safe, including their sidewalks and walkways. When they don’t, and someone gets hurt, the owner may be responsible for the injury. Act promptly after an accident to document unsafe conditions and gather evidence supporting a potential claim for compensation for your injuries and resulting damages.

Steps to Filing a Claim Against a Private Business Owner

If you’ve slipped and fell on a walkway owned by a business, there are critical steps to take if you’re seeking financial compensation. Here’s what you should do to advance your claim:

Take Prompt Action After a Slip and Fall

A fall on a sidewalk can turn your life upside down in moments, resulting in painful injuries. These injuries can be severe and affect your life long-term. It’s crucial to seek compensation to help pay for medical care, compensate for lost earnings, and cover additional costs associated with your injury.

Our seasoned attorneys at Catalano Law can represent you, helping you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll carefully review the details of your slip and fall accident, identify who is at fault, and assist you with your compensation claim.  

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