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Steps to Take When Another Driver is Having a Medical Emergency

Driving on the bustling streets and highways of New York requires a constant state of alertness—not just for traffic changes but also for potential collisions. Occasionally, collisions occur because other drivers experience medical emergencies. A medical emergency can strike any time, resulting in a serious accident if the driver loses control of their vehicle.

Knowing how to recognize and respond to a medical emergency can get the driver the help they need and help keep everyone safe on the road.

Common Types of Medical Emergencies While Driving

While on the road, drivers can experience a range of medical emergencies that compromise their ability to control their vehicles and pose risks to traffic safety. Common medical emergencies include:

Signs of a Medical Emergency

Identifying when an erratic driver is experiencing a medical emergency is critical for ensuring safety on the roads. While these situations can be sudden and alarming, certain signs can alert you to these emergencies.

Here are some indications that a driver may be having a medical crisis:

What to Do if You Witness Another Driver Having a Medical Emergency

When you encounter a driver during a medical emergency, take swift action. Ensure your safety first, then assist the affected driver by taking the following steps:

While Good Samaritan laws in New York protect those who offer reasonable aid, medical professionals are best equipped to handle emergencies. It’s better to defer to them, especially when you’re unsure about the nature of the emergency.

What Happens if You’re Injured in a Crash Caused by a Driver with a Medical Emergency?

If you’re injured in a crash where the other driver was having a medical emergency, like a seizure, or was impaired by medication, you might have a case for compensation.

Liability depends on the driver’s knowledge of their medical condition. For instance, if the driver knew their medication could cause drowsiness or had a known seizure disorder and still decided to drive, they may be held responsible for the crash.

In New York, drivers with certain medical conditions like epilepsy have restrictions on their driving allowances and must obtain a physician’s statement before receiving a license. If you were injured by a driver having a seizure or other forseeable medical emergency who did not take these steps, a qualified New York car accident law firm can help you hold that driver accountable so you receive compensation for your injuries.

Get Legal Guidance for Your Medical Emergency Accident Case

Crashes resulting from medical emergencies raise complex questions about liability and compensation. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a driver undergoing a medical emergency, speak with our experienced attorneys at Catalano Law.

We can review the circumstances of your case and determine whether the driver failed to take precautions against a foreseeable medical emergency. If so, we can help you file for damages to receive a fair settlement for your injuries.

Contact us for a free case evaluation today.

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