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Guide to Safe Holiday Road Trips

The holiday season – a time of joy, festivity, and increased traffic on the roads. With so many people rushing to visit families, shop for gifts, or take a vacation, the highways become more crowded than usual. This surge in traffic, combined with unpredictable winter weather, means planning ahead and ensuring safety while traveling is crucial.

The Holiday Traffic Surge

During the holidays, more people take to the roads, leading to congested highways, busy rest stops, and increased chances of collisions. Recognizing this can help you be more patient, attentive, and prepared.

Winter weather conditions and more traffic during the holiday season can increase the risk of accidents. In 2020, there were 496 fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday period and 312 deaths over the Christmas Day holidays nationwide.

Use our comprehensive guide to make sure your holiday road trips are safe:

Check your brake pads and replace them if they are thinner than about ¼”. Refill your engine coolant with a mixture of 50:50 antifreeze/water for freezing temps and your brake and windshield wiper fluids. Also, ensure your car’s brake lights and turn signals function correctly.

When packing, choose soft bags that are easier to fit and adjust in the trunk. Ensure your baggage doesn’t obstruct your rearview window, allowing for a safe drive.

Safe Driving Tips During the Holidays

Safe driving is essential for any road trip, especially during the holiday season. Before hitting the road, consider these crucial safety tips to ensure a smooth and safe journey:

Aim to take a break every couple of hours to combat fatigue. These stops will allow you to rest, stretch, refuel, and enjoy some refreshments. Remember, a well-rested driver is a safer driver.

Stay Safe on the Roads with Catalano Law

Traveling during the holidays can be a fun and memorable adventure, but planning and preparing your vehicle to stay safe is important. If an accident occurs, contact a Syracuse auto accident lawyer with Catalano Law to help you navigate the aftermath.

We have over half a century of combined legal experience and can help you protect your rights when filing a claim for your injuries. Contact us for a free consultation to share the details about your case and understand your legal options.

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