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Navigating New York’s No-Fault Car Insurance System After a Winter Crash

Central New York presents challenging driving conditions during the winter season. Syracuse, New York, is known for its significant snowfall, having recorded the most snowfall in 62% of the winters over 79 years. ​The snowfall in Syracuse is influenced by its geographical location near the Great Lakes, which contributes to heavy lake-effect snow.

If you’re hurt while driving in winter, our New York car accident lawyers at Catalano Law can discuss your benefits under no-fault insurance. We can also determine whether you can seek additional compensation from the driver responsible for the accident. Read on to learn more about New York’s no-fault car insurance system and how it might relate to your winter-weather accident.

What Does “No-Fault” Mean?

The no-fault system in New York ensures that any party hurt in an accident receives compensation for their injuries and related expenses. This applies no matter who is at fault. Under no-fault laws, you can still seek benefits under your insurance policy even if you were partially responsible for the crash.

In New York, no-fault insurance includes up to $50,000 for the driver and passengers in a crash for the following:

This insurance supersedes health insurance – meaning it will kick in before your health insurance to cover medical bills. It also covers you even if you’re involved in a collision while out of state.

Winter Weather Crashes and No-Fault Insurance: How This Can Affect Your Case

Despite careful driving, winter’s unpredictable conditions, such as icy roads and reduced visibility, can result in accidents without clear fault.

Under your no-fault policy, you can file a claim for coverage of medical expenses and lost wages, regardless of whether the accident was caused by another car or a single-vehicle incident like sliding on ice into a guardrail.

What if Another Driver’s Actions Cause Your Crash

In New York, if your collision results from another driver’s negligence or recklessness, you can pursue a claim for damages that exceed your no-fault coverage limits. However, this is contingent upon your situation fulfilling these specific criteria:

An experienced auto accident lawyer can assist in collecting vital evidence, such as GPS data and testimony from expert reconstructionists. This helps establish that the other driver was speeding or acting recklessly, linking their behavior to your injuries, and reinforcing your claim for compensation.

Filing a No-Fault Insurance Claim in New York

To navigate New York’s no-fault car insurance system after a winter crash, follow these essential steps:

Get Legal Guidance for Your Winter Weather Crash

Knowing your rights after a winter weather crash can ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. At Catalano Law, we have over 50 years of combined experience handling auto accident claims in Central New York. We can help you file for no-fault insurance benefits and seek excess economic damages and pain and suffering if another driver causes your injuries.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We can review the details of your collision, discuss your legal options, and help you seek a fair settlement for your losses.

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