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Syracuse Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle accidents can be catastrophic. Injured cyclists deserve compensation.

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured each year riding their bicycles, but there are many prejudices against cyclists. Legally, bicycles have the same right to use the public roads, but too often, they are not afforded the respect, space, or safety that vehicle drivers and passengers receive. And bike riders are almost always at the mercy of drivers. 

Too often, cyclists themselves presume these social stigmas and biases, and they do not follow through with personal injury claims even when they are fully entitled and warranted. 

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you need an attorney who will fight for you, fully investigate your accident, and make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

Our lawyers fully understand the process of bike accident cases, including the necessity for an in-depth investigation and the proof needed to build a solid case. If you have survived a bicycle accident, you may be facing very serious injuries. You need a bike injury lawyer on your side who can help you recover the full compensation you deserve. Without legal guidance, you may not get the financial recovery you need.

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Because of our experience representing bike accident victims, we recognize how important it is to gather and preserve crucial evidence, obtain witness statements, and begin to reconstruct the accident. Many bicycle accidents do not involve motor vehicles. Rather, poorly maintained roads, defective equipment, and other circumstances cause an accident. We have seen it all and we know what it takes to get justice for you.

We work to ensure our clients receive the strongest bicycle accident injury representation. Let us hear the details of your case and help you explore your legal options through a free case assessment.

Understanding your rights to compensation after a bicycle accident

When you’re injured by a negligent driver, you shouldn’t be forced to pay for their mistakes. At Catalano Law, we review our clients’ cases to determine exactly how much they should be paid for the many accident-related costs they face. This includes:

  • All past and future medical expenses you’ll face because of the crash.
  • The income you’ve lost and will lose because of your inability to work.
  • The pain and suffering, both emotionally and physically, you’ve suffered from the accident.

Once we know how much your economic and non-economic damages will be, we deal firmly with insurance companies to hold them accountable for the compensation they owe you.

It’s important to understand that once you accept an offer from the insurance company, you no longer have the right to seek more compensation from them. That’s why you should speak to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to make sure the offer is fair before you accept it.

You pay Catalano Law nothing unless we win

As attorneys who have represented many injured clients, we know that you’re going through one of the most difficult periods in your life. Your focus should be on your health and recovery, not paying legal bills.

When you hire Catalano Law, there are no out-of-pocket costs to hire our law firm, and we receive no fee or expenses unless a settlement or financial recovery is obtained for your motorcycle accident injury.

Working on a contingency fee basis gives our clients peace of mind that they won’t face huge legal fees if their claim results in no compensation. If you’re interested in learning how we can help, let us give you a free, no-obligation consultation.

Let our Syracuse bicycle accident lawyers review your case for free

Whether you want to file a claim right away or you’re simply considering your legal options, our bicycle accident lawyers can help. Through a free case review, we’ll assess your situation so you can learn more about your legal options.

If you suffered a bike accident injury in New York, contact Catalano Law for a free case evaluation at 315-500-5000.