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Liability and Winter Slip-and-Fall Hazards: Tips for Property Owners

In Central New York and the Southern Tier, winter storms often turn walkways into treacherous paths for those visiting local businesses and stores. Many people slip and fall on icy sidewalks or snow-covered walkways, raising questions for property owners about their role in preventing these accidents. 

Understanding the legal obligations and safety measures essential for maintaining hazard-free premises in the winter can help keep visitors safe. It can also protect property owners from costly liability for injuries.

Property Owner Liability in New York State

New York law mandates property owners keep their property safe from hazards for visitors, invitees, and residents. This means proactively managing risks by regularly inspecting their premises and promptly addressing or warning of dangerous conditions. This includes removing snow and ice and maintaining walkways, steps, and other areas frequented by visitors in a safe and navigable state.

If they neglect this duty and you get hurt in a slip and fall, you can take steps to hold the owner responsible for damages, including medical bills and lost wages.

Common Winter Hazards

In New York, property owners and managers must be mindful of winter hazards and the necessary precautions to safeguard visitors. Here are a few common dangers to pedestrians and the consequences of failing to address them:

Tips for Property Owners to Prevent Winter Accidents

Property owners should take proactive measures to prevent accidents related to snow and ice. Below are key steps and recommended strategies to ensure the safety of visitors and minimize the risk of liability:

Contact New York Slip and Fall Attorneys at Catalano Law

If you’ve slipped and fallen on an icy or snowy walkway, contact our New York slip and fall attorneys at Catalano Law. We can investigate your accident, determine if the property owner was negligent in their duty of care, and help you file a compensation claim.

Our legal team can protect your rights after a slip-and-fall and help you get a fair settlement for your injuries. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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