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5 Summer Hazards That Can Cause a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Syracuse bursts into activity during the summer months, with outdoor activities like hiking in Green Lakes State Park or swimming in private and community pools across the city. The season also brings increased foot traffic to the area, thanks in part to events like the Taste of Syracuse and the Syracuse Jazz Fest.

Given this bustle, understanding potential slip-and-fall dangers and taking precautions is vital. The right steps can protect you from harm, ensuring your summer is memorable and injury-free.

Identifying Summer Slip-and-Fall Hazards

Some slip-and-fall risks specific to this time of year that can quickly change a great day into a not-so-great one include:

  1. Wet Pool Areas and Docks:  The excitement of summer draws crowds to pools and docks, where splashed water and water from swimmers makes surfaces slippery. Often made of worn wood and composite materials, these areas can become slick when wet and lead to falls.
  1. Slick Patios and Decks: Regular summer cleanings with hoses and detergents can leave patios and decks treacherously smooth. If not thoroughly rinsed and dried, the water and soap mixture creates a thin, slippery film that can cause unsuspecting visitors to lose their footing.
  1. Outdoor Event Venues: Festivals and outdoor gatherings, with their mix of vendors and high foot traffic, often result in spilled food, liquids, and dropped debris on the ground. These substances can create slick spots and unexpected obstacles, making slips or trips common.
  1. Slippery Lawns and Sidewalks: The use of sprinkler systems to keep lawns lush and sidewalks cool can create slippery surfaces. Areas near sprinklers can accumulate excess water, turning grassy patches and pavements into hazardous zones for slipping, especially when the water extends onto walkways.
  1. Dangerous Footwear: Summer’s relaxed dress code means many people wear flip-flops or sandals, which lack adequate support and slip resistance. This type of footwear can easily lead to slips on wet or uneven surfaces since it doesn’t provide the necessary grip or stability for these surfaces.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Summer Season

To ensure a fun and safe summer, it’s important to reduce your chances of slipping and falling by staying alert and conscious of your environment. Use these tips for staying safe during warm-weather activities:

ActivitySafety Tips
Swimming Pools and LakesWalk, don’t run, around pools and docks to avoid slipping.Wear water shoes to improve grip on wet surfaces. Dry off before walking on tiles or wooden docks.Walk on anti-slip coatings on pool decks where possible.
Neighborhood WalksWear supportive, non-slip footwear instead of flip-flops.Avoid walking on freshly watered lawns and sidewalks. Be cautious on uneven sidewalks, especially if they are cracked or have loose debris.Stick to brightly-lit routes so you can spot potential hazards, especially when walking at dawn or dusk.
CookoutsPlace non-slip mats in high-traffic areas, especially near the grill or drinks table. Clean up spills immediately to prevent slippery surfaces. Ensure outdoor rugs and mats are secured and lie flat to avoid tripping hazards.Keep the cooking and dining areas well-lit to easily see potential slip or trip hazards.
Outdoor EventsStick to areas with adequate ground coverage to avoid slippery mud or grass. Be mindful of spilled drinks and food, which can create slick spots.Navigate crowds slowly to avoid unexpected slips or trips.Wear sturdy footwear like tennis shoes rather than flip-flops, which offer little protection or support.Pay attention to signage indicating potential hazards or directions to safer pathways.

Get Legal Help After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

If you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our Syracuse slip-and-fall lawyers at Catalano Law can review your case, calculate your damages, and help you seek a settlement from the property owner whose negligence caused your losses.

We’ve represented clients in over 12,000 personal injury cases, maintaining a 95% success rate. Our attorneys will use this experience and skill to advocate for your interests and get you the financial support you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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