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What are Signs of Internal Bleeding After an Accident?

After a car accident, some people may suffer only minor scrapes and cuts. Others may think they’re doing well after an accident. However, they may […]

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Will a Car Accident Affect My Insurance Rates?

After a car accident, you are probably worrying about if your insurance premiums will increase. Thankfully, a crash doesn’t automatically cause an increase in your […]

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Why Road Deaths are Surging for Motorists and Pedestrians

In the past two years, the simple act of driving to the grocery store or walking to your local park has become more dangerous. Statistics […]

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Can You Get Compensation After a Single-Vehicle Crash?

Car accidents frequently result in severe injuries that impact your quality of life. In New York, auto accidents are the primary cause of injury-related deaths. […]

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What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in New York State?

Although the circumstances that make a road dangerous may vary, some specific routes and thoroughfares in New York are infamous for having an above-average number […]

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The Dangers of Flying Objects From Trucks in Syracuse, NY

Truck drivers may fail to secure cargo before entering the roadway, exposing other vehicles to hazards. When unsecured cargo falls off the truck, it can […]

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What is a Good Settlement Offer for a Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall may seem minor, but it can lead to severe injuries. Fall-related injuries are the leading cause of injury hospitalizations in New […]

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Slip and Fall Settlement

How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need In New York?

Auto insurance is mandatory for registered drivers in all states other than New Hampshire and Virginia. As one of the most populous states, New York […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Civil and Criminal Drunk Driving Case?

When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and hits someone, they face criminal prosecution for driving while intoxicated. However, they could […]

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Is it Necessary to Prove a Driver is Distracted to Get Compensation?

If you are injured by a distracted driver in Central New York, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. New York’s no-fault insurance […]

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